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iqStack® Device und Master


iqStack® Device and Master – Your access to IO-Link technology

Reduce the communication gap to the lowest field level – communicate all the way to sensor and actuator level, thereby minimising the variance in existing interfaces. Benefit from the advantages of worldwide standardised I/O technology (IEC 61131-9).

Do you want to switch to IO-Link? Do you want to develop new IO-Link products? Simplify the implementation of the IO-Link codes with our iqStacks®.

Both, iqStack® Master and iqStack® Device, completely comply with the official IO-Link specifications regarding layer structure, service, and terminology. In the source code of every software module you will find detailed notes with cross references to the IO-Link specification chapters. This brings you transparency and consistency for the entire code. Thanks to our integration experiences in different hardware systems we were able to optimise our stacks for maximum efficiency and speed. In the development of the iqStacks®, various requirements have been taken into consideration without making the code more complex. We attach great importance to our high code quality as well as a transparent working process. Our detailed and fully-comprehensible code documentation will help you to quickly port the iqStack® to your application.

Download iqStack® Device

Download iqStack® Master

Get your free download now for evaluation and testing.

Simple & uncomplicated

You obtain our products complete with detailed code documentation as well as introductions for fast start-up and implementation.

Comprehensible & ready-to-use

To evaluate our products you can download them for free as C/C++ source code and test them on your own hardware.

Plug & Play

Our iqStacks® are designed to be seamlessly integrated in new systems – without changing the existing software structure or disturbing the process flow.