iqStack Master goes online


We are happy to be able to officially introduce you to the iqStack Master today. Starting out as iqInterface firmware, we have continuously developed the master stack within the last few months and have tested and optimised it on different hardware platforms..

At this point, we would like to thank all our clients who have already worked with the early versions and sent us their suggestions for improvement!

The porting experiences from current projects have helped us to design an extremely flexible, but simultaneously very simple integration interface. Whether you are using complex master ASICs with integrated framing and timing control, or a simple IO-Link transceiver, iqStack Master always provides you with a fitting porting option for your master design. You can choose between processing per byte or frame as well as an assignment of the timing control to the ASIC, a realisation in the microcontroller, or a combination of both options.

Our extensive documentation, directly references to affected IO-Link specification tables, and diagrams in the code make it easier for you to become acquainted with iqStack and its integration in with existing software.