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Two starter kits are available from Cypress Germany to support customers who like to develop IO-LINK applications.

SK-FM0-S6E1A1-IOLINKThe SK-FM0-S6E1A1-IOLINK is based on Cypress’ FM0+ Family of ARM® Cortex®-M0+ based MCUs (S6E1A1 device) and demonstrates a flexible IO-Link device. Customers can build up own applications using the 14-pin sensor interface connector having UART, SPI, I2C, ADC, PWM and GPIOs available.
The demo application uses an on-board analogue light sensor and is based on the iqStack® Device. The documentation explains how to realize customized IO-LINK device applications.


SK-FM4-9B560L-IOLINKThe SK-FM4-9B560L-IOLINK is based on Cypress’ FM4 family of ARM® Cortex®-M4F based MCUs (MB9B566L device) and realizes a dual-port IO-Link master.
The demo application is based on the iqStack® Master and allows customers to address and control IO-LINK devices, e.g. SK-FM0-S6E1A1-IOLINK. The documentation shows how to add further devices. The evaluation board includes an on board CMSIS-DAP debugging interface and virtual COM port, as well as a high-speed CAN interface and USB OTG functions.

Both kits are using the IO-LINK PHY from ZMDI (ZIOL2401B).

For more information visit www.cypress.com.